Change of pace

73849845-8E72-4B3D-B628-2A19D1D16578After a few days delay Mrs. Abstract and I finally drove up the mountains today. We were scheduled to leave on Monday but I did not feel well. I felt better last night. We brought a lot of food to limit trips to the grocery store and limit eating out in restaurants.

We will try to stay inside the condo. Walk and hike in the woods, reading and maybe writing. I play chess while Mrs. Abstract watch movies.

It’s quiet here in the mountains although when we arrived there were thunderstorms.

Books I am reading: Divine Comedy by Dante. Translated by Hollander & Hollander. I’m starting Roberto Bolaño 2666.


Promenade, books, and election

Today I parked near the library and returned a book I just finished reading, The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacey McNulty. Interesting story of a 12 year old girl who was hit by a lightning and survived.

I borrowed 2 books in return: Conversation on Writing by Ursula Le Guin and The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli.

From the library I walked to the county Election Division Office and delivered my completed election ballot.
Primary election is 2 weeks away. We vote by mailed ballots.

Since I’m already in the downtown I meandered around took some photos of the colors of the day. Then I walked over to the Oxbow Market and bought dark chocolates and Italian Lemon cookies for Mrs. Abstract.

I didn’t record the time but my mobile phone recorded my steps: 6700 steps. Not much. It was more of a promenade.Lost in time.

There is a mode: Effects in my camera which I played around. I have not used it before.


one of the art pieces in the Art Walk



That’s white magnolia tree in bloom



First Street looking south


First Street looking north


I’m walking at the Oxbow Commons towards Oxbow Market (with red color). photo taken by mobile phone.


The Riverfront seen from First Street bridge in my return from Oxbow Market.

plus one

January fourth
one tree with three birds plus one
my New Year walk to the river
the mist came and left, the sun warmed the meadow
we thought we will perform spoken word poetry
instead my friend and I danced intuitive dance of foolishness
another friend arrived, brought one French expression of relaxation:
a baguette, cheese , fruits and wine and a blanket

you were invited but you were faraway.