Sitting by a creek inside a forest

Your notebooks spread out

Over stones and ferns

Sounds of tiny waterfalls accompany your thoughts

The dimension of your existence opens before you

Oneness of spirit, wholeness one song.

On the porch, one day

Someone leaves a small heart-shape  wood carving,

Another day, a sketch of fiddleheads

Or a haiku

Kindness from unknown neighbors

Who will later introduced themselves

Retreat in the woods

Finding new friends threaded with similar

Attitude of solitariness

Learning how to be present

In the moment, to attend

Slowing of time

A time to feel and touch the earth again

With its ecstasy and pain.

a commitment to Other

lighting a candle

not a switch on the wall

to brighten the room

to slow time a bit

a deep breath

breathe in, breathe out

creating a space between

a threshold of a door

space between stages

“the liminal space”

leaving a calculative

mind and entering

a contemplative mind

to see reality

as it is,

to meet God,

the light on the path,

begins our retreat.



note: I attended a spiritual retreat this past weekend at San Damiano Retreat House in

Danville,CA. for more thought on liminal space see:

photo: the windmill trail, on of the trails, in San Damiano Retreat House grounds