aa2b1f95-958b-4f98-a33e-2c7bfd3a29b4The headache leaves, you download

Everything in a new folder.

The illusion of memory intrudes

Thinking separated parts can be put together

Again. Theory and performance clash

Ego comes between and hard to beat but ways 

Are present, deep inside are instructions:

You can achieve oneness.

dawn of a nomad


You carry barest
essentials in your backpack
and a fishing pole

Stay for awhile
Let’s share a bottle of wine
adventure can wait

restless imagination
settles in impermanence
toasting our future

Questions of where you’re
going and about my pursuit
follow our gestures

Filling our glasses
vintage follows another
narration starts

Is it hours, days?
stories after stories
blurring the edges

Comes day of goodbye
to seek, to find the unknown
dawn of a new mind.

note: a sculpture outside Fort Winery, Sonoma County, CA

If fish can fly



Fish On, the huge fish sculpture which was voted the first Napa ArtWalk People Choice award, is now permanently displayed in the garden of Napa River Inn in the Napa Riverfront area. The sculpture has a swivel and moves with breeze and has an added illumination. And mounted on a waterfall.

The sculpture is created by the sculptor Terrence Martin.


What’s art?

Meandering into a garden
outdoor sculptures are displayed everywhere
what’s art sphere of influence?


note: The sphere is one of the many sculptures in the gallery, A New Leaf Gallery, sculpture site & sculpture walk, located in Sonoma,CA. “A New Leaf Gallery | Sculpturesite is Northern California’s premier sculpture gallery, dedicated entirely to modern and contemporary fine art sculpture.”

The gallery is within the CornerStone Sonoma complex.