What is leisure?

“Leisure,… is a mental and spiritual attitude — it is not simply the result of external factors, it is not the inevitable result of spare time, a holiday, a weekend or a vacation. It is, in the first place, an attitude of mind, a condition of the soul. Leisure implies an attitude of non-activity, of inward calm, of silence; it means not being ‘busy,’ but letting things happen.”

note: excerpts from Leisure, The Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper

a search for solitude

she rises every morning
at no appointed time
misty, pearly white river
she will start playing her guitar
and sing the sad adagios
the past will rise in the mind
the romance, the travel,the breakup
she will sing the memory and absence 
she will  feel her body float 
like kalachuchi flowers in the breeze
the mist will lift its wings
she will hear from faraway, 
sounds of falling  water 
early light will gleam
on top of the tallest trees
the heart in search of a soul
the soul in search of a heart
the rain flows to the sea
harmony of present and past
serenity of the mountain top.