New Addition

The object of the Rule of 6 Plus One is not about accomplishments but simple enjoyment of state of being.

It’s a daily practice of self-discovery. It’s an expression of awareness. It’s a celebration of life where you give your “fullest, deepest attention.”

This evening Mrs. Abstract and I went to dinner with a couple of friends. We met other friends in the restaurant. It’s our Rotary club’s Dine and Donate night.

Where will I put this occasion in the Rule of 6 Plus One?

It’s not an imaginative play, or ideas to ponder? It’s a tight squeeze for Encounters with Beauty. Dinner with friends is sharing. It’s relationships. 

For children and adults Sharing is an additional category in the celebration of life. It deserves a separate category which  will overlap with the others. All the seven activities can be shared. The Rule of 6 Plus One will need an additional activity: Sharing. The daily activities will become Rule of 7 Plus One.

My mnemonics can be: Imagine Baudelaire Walking Writing Sharing Intense Poetic Encounters

What do you think?


My Pagoda

the last question

“Pain demands to be felt”, you say.

Can profound thoughts be experienced?


I can’t sleep 

without listening to Beethoven

one of my habits.


I cry over fictional characters

I can find solace in books.


I can think of hundred things 

we can share

grief is one.


I have eternal questions

that haunt me

but I don’t necessarily

have to know the answers.

Like Sisyphus I’m content

to push the rock to the summit 

and repeat the process 

after the rock falls down again.


But then I think for a moment

what if the” last good kiss I had 

was years ago?”


note: I’m currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. The lines “pain demands to be felt” and “last good kiss” are taken from The Fault In Our Stars.


Books I finished reading: Tinkers by Paul Harding and Levels of Life by Julian Barnes. One of the essays Barnes wrote is on Grief, its phases and faces.