The answer

The stare
like an echo of a pungent smell
can be frightening,
the eyes sharp like swords.
One can bleed badly
soaking the garden,
Will flowers grow afterwards?
A basket of untranslated observations
can be burden if not understood.
Don’t let the stare an impediment,
The answer is not to vanish.
The answer is simplicity of a smile
clear as crystal on a happy face.

where did you go

What if I slumber
and you appear in my dream
and you look my way
should I wave
to catch your attention?
If you are looking the other way
should I call your name?
But I don’t know your name.
I remembered you
walking under the cherry blossoms
that seemed so long ago.
Your beauty which I could not deny
was not what I remembered
but your face, a smile,
a mysterious smile
that remained in my heart.
I didn’t see you again.
I visited the cherry blossoms 
and waited
 but you didn’t return.
Maybe if  I dream