Moments move our emotions, our life

How can I move like time

I am a humble hummingbird

Hovering over flowers until I am out breath

There is wisdom in the stones I will not know

Or a camaraderie with bees I will not experience

Where can I go my friend to touch the warmth of time

Perhaps I can find a child who will want a lullaby

My wings can sing her a song.

My Holy Moments


Today I went for my walk before I had my breakfast. It was 53F and the sun was trying to peek behind the clouds. A light brown, tall poodle lumbered out from a door and ran ahead of me. I heard a young woman called out, “Mozart, Mozart, come back.” The woman and I exchanged pleasantries. I remarked that she has a beautiful dog. I met a walker with his dog, a smaller one thanMozart. We greeted each other, Good morning. They were walking on opposite direction.



I continued my walk to the river. A few fishermen were socializing among themselves. Their lines resting on the riverbank.



Two towering palm trees across each other on the sidewalk greeted passerby’s. They remind me of a warmer place somewhere. The yucca plants did not give me a similar memory. 


Perhaps because of a rain for the last 2 days the street was fairly clean. The birds sang joyfully.



By the time I turned around to walk back home the sun has burst out. The top of the hills has risen above the clouds. The breeze 55F grazed my face like a whisper. 

My morning of holy moments.


How many of 7,401,858,841 humans have you encountered?
Imagine a universe of possible connections.

When I arrive low tide has almost emptied the river
Revealing muddy banks and signs of old dredging.
A fisherman immersed in his cell phone laments
Absence of fish, a blue heron is tiptoeing beside him.

A cyclist-friend walks with his bike with me,
Says his father has been seeing butterflies
Fluttering on his bedroom wall in the morning
A slow narrative increasing in length.

I chat with a whistling man
Walking his corgi diminishes, he says,
His disillusionment in life. He starts
Remembering the different kinds of trees.

The hills are yellowing before me
Before the summer solstice.
Seedless watermelons selling for $4.99 each
Outside a grocery store next to a bank.

That night I hear
An angelic voice singing a lullaby
Which comforts me
To a deep sleep.

if you walk tomorrow, bring water in a bottle
and an extra step. The whole day may be hot.

when future doesn’t coincide with the present

Yesterday I took a shower,groomed,drove down to the library to browse at the book sale.
I stayed a little more than half hour. The room felt like it was moving. My throat felt like ivies were crawling. My cough rattled still the chandelier.

I could not see the red planet.The sky was cloudy with the impending rain. It did not rain.

I listened to a few songs by the four Holbrook sisters:SHEL


Today my appetite returned. The chandelier still shuddered and the ivy,still an ivy. I might see the red planet tonight.

Note:I finished Arcadia,a multilayered science fiction fantasy,by Iain Pears.

The Beatitudes (song)


Amen! Truly I say to you:
Gather in my name, I am with you.

Amen! Truly I say to you:
Gather in my name, I am with you.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

Blessed are the gentle,
they shall inherit the land.

Amen! Truly I say to you:
Gather in my name, I am with you.

Blessed are those who mourn,
they shall be consoled.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice,
the justice of God shall be theirs.

Amen! Truly I say to you:
Gather in my name, I am with you.

Blessed are the merciful,
mercy shall be shown to them.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
they shall behold their God.

Amen! Truly I say to you:
Gather in my name, I am with you.


Blessed are those who bring peace,
they shall be children of God.

Blessed are those who suffer in the cause of right,
the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.


Amen! Truly I say to you:
Gather in my name, I am with you.
Gather in my name, I am with you.


The Beatitudes performed by The Monks Of Glenstal Abbey; Text: adapted from Matthew 5:3-11.

text & lyrics from: