to seek is to find

Such small dog with a very loud bark,

small people with unique skills can fell a giant,

ant carrying loads, flies

torturing a horse, of course, mosquitoes.

A grandmother I met pushing a stroller

in our morning walk

she comes from far away where we met

“five miles every day”, she says, “my grandon enjoys the ride”

I say hi, he is awake, looking at a stranger.

Skills grow like vocabulary

a foreign language you are learning

we cry when we are born

helpless and dependent

the landscape widens like in Wyoming

where you travelled one fall on vacation

the horizon, almost endless.

Odds may seem overwhelming.

Stripped of superficialities one finds

oasis in the desert.

A father who thought

his son will not amount to anything

in the Beagle, in Galapagos he proved

his father wrong.

Carry a notebook

and a pen when you walk

you may not have to travel so faraway.