What do I do with my time?

What do you do with time? Some divide, fill, spend,save, enrich, and squander time.The monks have their Hours that divide the day. Homeschoolers have the Rule of Six to compose their study. I adopted their Rule of Six and modified it for my daily activities-BI PIES:
Books (read a book),
Ideas (create new ideas and ponder),
Philanthropy (give your time and hands to others),
Imaginative play (or walk outdoors),
Encounter with beauty (art, music, and nature),and
Silence (prayer, meditation, contemplation).

I wrote this blog on December 20, 2011:

I’m rewriting this Rule of Six to remind myself on what I should do every day.

tracing the origin

Villages built from pebbles
waves gathered on the shore
you picked up from your daily walk
limestones, flint, quartz
broken pieces from stellar space
passing through extreme temperatures
holding the beginning of time

you peopled them with stories
of elementary particles,
the quarks, muons, bosons
dust, ice, and rocks, hydrogen and helium
objects living in orbits, parabolic and elliptical
formed with “rudeness and grace”
almost infinite stretch of time.

You wanted the villages to be beautiful
harmony and mystery,
vast and simple,
a touch of God.