Traveling for so many days

435 bridges and 234 tunnels

Losing landmarks and diverting to side excursions

A lavish description of arriving somewhere

After getting lost

Like newlyweds entering their first house

Whatever the sizable differences are 

They can be traced to algorithms

Like sentences they have to learn because they are new

After awhile they can talk and understand

The end is an accomplishment

Carried by patience and time.

They are foreign to each other

Like a blinding snowstorm before beginning of summer

Afterwards seasons go uninterrupted, seem seamless

Though there are days of grief

Some days of longing, others of mirth

Ambiguity eases into familiar themes

They arrive to a place they understand

Life changes gradually into bliss

Remembering words of Aristotle

We yearn to reach the good at the end.

A moment before or a moment after

She has no troubles.

She has no troubled existence

She can’t immediately forget

She has many “for the first time”

she has not experienced yet.

The phrase ”for the first time” excites her.

How does it feel to sleep and wake in an ice palace?

She wants to spend the four seasons in different parts of the world.

She is almost seventy.







Travel, sometimes, may have to renounce
The ordinary to discover new consequences
Boredom is unnecessary.

With my green bug, I braved muddy roads and narrow alleys
Walked fishing villages, medieval churches with unusual frescoes,
Temples with a thousand Buddhas, tasted
exotic foods and learned different cultures.
I got robbed once and almost drowned
The chains I have to break.

Of course, certain memories are eternal:
Sacred places forbidden
And fruits one should not touch.


Travel takes us to forest & villages, hermitages & solitude,enchanting self-education & discoveries. Travel is experiential whether actual or virtual. Our constraints are physical and financial, willingness and fear, pushed or pulled by other reasons.

To dream starts wishes,wishes conjure a consequence, consequence points to direction.

I heard about Danube through music and river cruises. “Assisi looks like an enchanted kingdom from the roads crisscrossing the Spoleto Valley.” Hearing and reading about places are spurs to thinking.

One will find the time.


Many threads, the veins of journey
space spreads for a newborn baby
the cry as soft as her toes
fragrant smell of ripe oranges
wraps her world

arrangement of fruits in the market
the camel ride in the desert
flight of flamingoes
where will you be when you open your eyes?
intimate gestures that will startle even the birds
the sun focuses on its reflection
you avert your eyes
the ocean dyeing its waves
spreading into seven continents
your journey.

“I would like to see you again.”

“I’ll say goodbye before I leave.”
P.S. prefer written correspondence
than telephone conversation.
Attached is my pen.

Note: The quotations are from the book I’m currently reading: Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos.

I just finished a funny story: The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida

travel discovery

We are traveling, driving to Oregon to visit an ailing friend.
Tuesday  we stopped overnight, at Wolf Creek Inn,
1/4 mile from highway  I-5, a historic inn built in 1883,
used to be a stage coach express stopover,
now a B & B . Stayed at Clark Cable suite,
the room where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard stayed.
Jack London came here to write his novels.
Robert Redford stopped over here too.
Mrs Abstract and I added our names
under the anonymous.
Simple room, bigger than the other rooms, with old furnitures. 
Mrs. Abstract and I were imagining
what travel was during the 1930’s and 40’s.
I hope Clark and Carole enjoyed their nights.
We did.
photo: taken from the inn’s website.
I forgot my camera cable and my laptop is old.