Wonderful to know

“Shedding leaves and growing new ones depends not only on temperature but also on how long the days are…And how do trees register that the warmer days are because of spring and not late summer?”

“Trees need sense of time for more than just their foliage. This sense is equally important for procreation.”
-Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees

note: the quotations are from the book The Hidden Life of Trees which I just finished reading. Enjoyable to read with humor and plenty of science.

love and other infinities

The little things

simple pleasures of ordinary things

peanut butter, Beethoven’s late quartets

moments as moments evolve

concepts not possessions

can make one happy

sweet moments of vibrant greens

cobalt blues, trees, giant

and slender, of Woldgate Woods,

sanctuary of affection

David Hockney painted,

drew “en plein air” changing seasons

“nicely phrased” on iPad videos, paintings

evolving slowly before my eyes

3 days before the exhibit closed

the little things, important little things

I love you, hug me tight.


(from the internet) photo: www.redtedart.com