You may want to go

“Adventure in an unadventurous” day
“but can you fall in love with everything,”
can you love bees, spheres, and inhabitable planets?
You draw to yourself spaces in the universe
color them with life,
stir them with feelings
like a desert that blooms
and withdraws with the season

and you have worries
like the dot on your face
you share with Jupiter
“and if planets can sigh
that’s what Jupiter will do.”

Don’t be jealous.
Welwitschia is found
in only one place on earth
“the only surviving plant in its genus
the last in its family, the last in its order”
all have vanished
it’s mirabilis, Welwitschia mirabilis,
Nambian desert, the Namib Naukluft, in Africa
that’s I want to tell you.

note: I read all these stories in NPR:

photo: artist/photographer Rachel Sussman