If I’m blindfolded I will not see the hummingbird feeding.

I can hear a waterfall.

If I’m blindfolded I will not see the stars

I can hold a fishing pole and cast a line.

If I’m blindfolded I will not see the rain

i can hold a purring cat.

If I’m blindfolded I can’t say there’s only light

If my eyes are open I will be blinded by the sun.

If I’m blindfolded I will not be able to drive.

I can play chess.

If I’m blindfolded I will not juggle a lighted torch.

I can whistle.

If I’m blindfolded I will not see the waves

I can ride the crest.

With my eyes open I can be blind.

In scarcity I can find gratitude.

Simplicity of life and death.

Then I meet you.





it’s August
veraison starts in the vines
stay awhile





note: Mrs. Abstract and I and five new friends whom we met at the River Cruise last June enjoyed wine tasting today at the Sullivan Vineyards & Winery in St. Helena, CA. Sullivan Vineyards & Winery is known for the “big reds”: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and Bordeaux blend.It offers also Sauvignon blanc & chardonnay.



colors of my Saturday





note: Today is the Cycle4Sight & Rotary Ride for Veterans, an annual cycling event in Napa Valley, California to raise funds for the Pathway Home, a place for veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan who have PTSD and the Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind. The cycling distances are 50 miles, 25 miles and 15 miles of beautiful roads and hills. The roads are surrounded by vineyards. Today is gorgeous, sunny, clear day.

We were monitoring the safety at the intersections.


places and what we did

Today we drove to Cavallo Point’s Murray Circle Restaurant in Sausalito to meet Mrs.Abstract’s goddaughter and her husband who are visiting from Michigan. We have not seen them for many years since we moved to California. They are on business-vacation time.

Then one hour later our daughter, whose birthday is today, and her husband joined us.


Afterwards, friends of ours invited us to joined them for wine tasting at a winery in Carneros, (southern part of Napa) where they are wine club members.


Mrs. Abstract enjoyed being out after her total hip replacement surgery 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday and today were warm days after about 10 days of rain.

Today is like St. Patrick’s Day.Every thing is green.

note:photos taken through a cell phone camera.