Balancing herself on a cane
she bends down to remove
a pebble from her shoe
stands, adjust her scarf,
and resumes her walk
The air 61 degrees cool under cloudy sky.

She walks slow with slight sway
body straight, her eyes look far in the horizon

She answers good morning
with a smile as I pass and greet her.

Her voice sounds content.


note: The path to the river.


I’m leaning against the railings
I did not count how many butterflies
My inner thought is flowing
like the sap of the rubber tree
the climb is slow, steady and sometimes tiring
even a sequences of sentences
can be counted in my left hand
the Japanese movie Afterlife gives me
an angelic vision of what a new life
can be. Not to start all over again
with new diction or language
but of awareness, continuity.
Where are you?IMG_0695

note: I pass these railings half way in my walk. I stop for a few moments, wipe sweat on my forehead, look at the hills and rest my mind then resume my walk home.

walk with art



DSC_0019 DSC_0040DSC_0045

Aurora III

note: Today was the inauguration of the Napa Art Walk,outdoor sculpture exhibits, scattered in the downtown Napa. These are 2 of the 14 sculpture-exhibits. The sign hangs outside a wine bar.The top 2 photos are titled Taffeta by Reven Swanson. The lower photo titled Aurora III by Catherine Daley