present moment

“…total absorption and complete absorption in the present moment is available to us all when we choose to let gratitude wash over us uninhibitedly.”
-M. J. Ryan, Attitudes of Gratitude



note: photos taken from the bank of Napa River where I passed by during my walk. It’s low tide.Today is cloudy and 65 degrees. My iPhone says I walked10,900 steps.

“If in doubt walk”

I woke up one morning
it’s first day of June
3 weeks in Istanbul
fortunes and defeats
arrival and departures of thought
“a miniature lifetime”
sometimes you find things
before you imagine
sometime you imagine
before you find things.

“I had seen a lot.”

notes: the quoted phrases are from A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

note: I want to congratulate Heather on the Fifth Anniversary of her Lost in Arles:

To celebrate her fifth anniversary:

personal expressions

I rise early
believing morning will lift
veil of doubt left the night before.

Certain doors are for negotiations, others
open to a cathedral, I
follow a path to the river
along a street , a row of houses,
lawns, well kept, each
with personal signatures: a statue
of Buddha on a pedestal, a grotto
of Virgin Mary, surrounded
by flowers, a boy,looking
so real, playing with a dog,
a small garden of sand and stones,
each expression has its
own origin, own story, meaning.

Walking creates a clearing
“to engage inquiry with curiosity”
each step, a drop of wisdom,
leading to a place
not for a faint heart.

Will you come with me
visit the Tiger’s Nest
walking the path?

note: I just finished reading an exquisite book, The Hare With Amber Eyes, by Edmund de Waal.

What’s self-definition?

The “valley was aromatic”

and I was looking into your eyes

and felt the kindness 

of a thousand stars

and when we commenced walking

and the path cleared to an oasis

of clarity, you held

my hand and led me

further to the beginning 

of creation where the garden

was a virtue and obedience

and knowledge were 

not ordinary words

or subtle phrasing of faith 

but what were meant for love,

that’s where you offered me

the “sassafras roots and made 

me eat one.”

Your face was radiant.

“The fireflies, all over the trees,

spreading before us,”

a thousand flickering lights,

a thousand flickering nights.


note: I wrote this verse after reading the first essay from Pulphead Essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan while listening to  the music of then an 11-year-old girl playing a violin.She is much older now. Link below: