She arrives riding a bicycle,
Sits opposite me on the table.
We are members of a panel blind tasting wines.
Her possession of a sensitive palate and sharp intuition
promise her a thousand things.
She names the vintage,origin and varietals correctly .
Nothing seems to interfere with her thinking.

She stammers when excited and loves mouth watering green mangoes.
She writes with her left hand and uses the fork
with her right.She has a crystal-breaking like laugh

She appears on the appointed time and place for the wine tasting.
She is here. She is there.

Elegant in her simplicity and intellectually curious.
She disappears for a year to bicycle in Europe.


Mrs. Abstract and I just returned home for a 3-day restful sojourn in the north of us. We stayed at the Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California. Mrs. Abstract was in the ER Monday night. It turned out to be only a mild health problem.

We left in the rain and returned home in the rain. The drive was along the coast and beautiful. The ocean was not covered by clouds and the rain was intermittent.

We didn’t go anyplace else.Just the 2 of us.It rained and hailed while we were up there.

Mrs. Abstract is a mermaid. She swam in the sea water pool.We read, ate, and rest. Just the two of us.

The Inn offers massage, meditation seminars, cooking and art classes.

The restaurant, Ravens, in the Inn is a plant-based restaurant. Every day we ate vegetarian food with no dairy, eggs or seafoods and of course no meat.

We did wine tasting in one winery on the way up. We passed by 3 wineries for wine tasting on the way back.

The short trip was to celebrate my birthday.







it’s August
veraison starts in the vines
stay awhile





note: Mrs. Abstract and I and five new friends whom we met at the River Cruise last June enjoyed wine tasting today at the Sullivan Vineyards & Winery in St. Helena, CA. Sullivan Vineyards & Winery is known for the “big reds”: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and Bordeaux blend.It offers also Sauvignon blanc & chardonnay.



It’s Thursday

Yesterday Mrs. Abstract and I  went wine tasting at J Winery in Healdsburg and Mayo Family Winery in Glenn  Ellen. 


On the way back home we had lobster dinner at Meritage Martini and Oyster Bar in Sonoma.

I was admiring the tagine on several shelves in bram, a store at the Sonoma Square, downtown Sonoma, with claypot cookwares imported from Morocco, Egypt, Italy,and other places around the world.Image 



Today at our local there is an article about tagine and Moroccan wine pairings:


Moroccan wines take the spotlight at Napa Valley events




                                                          graVity bringing all down to the level

                drink the confusion, samplE that other

                                                 new meRging

                                                     to be Transcended

                                          because life Is short

                 the manners of the unreaChable

                                 casting off the mAsk of identity

                                                               Like all apprehended things


                                                      selecTive in one’s process

                                                        of nArrowing down

                             a valley of hundredS of miles

                                               the founTains of one’s life


                                   commemoratioN even in the unconscious dreams

                                           an endless Game.


This form of poetry is called mesostomatic.

the text is taken from the first poem,The New Spirit, (pages 4-12) in the book THREE POEMS by John Ashbery