The Joy of Winter

My moment of the day is listening and reading  the story of two climbers: Brian Mann  & Emily Russell. Listen:here

Winter Joy: Breaking Tail in 15 Degrees

by Brian Mann & Emily Russell

“It might sound strange, but there’s something cool about being tested. We’re both tempted to turn back, but we’re also thrilled by the idea that we’re the only humans here. It’s a kind of love-hate thing.

“The thing I like is when a mountain surprises you and the mountain comes out on top,” Emily says. “That’s what happened today.”


5 years apart. Our whole family tribe has an annual tradition of celebrating  Thanksgiving at Lake Tahoe. 5 years ago we had a big snow storm with lots and lots of snow. This year there was not much snow.


November 2015


November, 2010

note: The whole family returned home from the mountain today.Getting ready for church.