“every word was once a poem”

Distant footsteps cradle my nights
I can “hear them from miles away.”
Reasonance that expands, singular tales
of a long journey. Nights with hours of felicity,
darkness stream with graciousness
and comfort my eyes, memory
of a nomadic caravan I glimpsed
once and heard, “each step stitched
the walking earth… a millennia of repetition,
a sound of sorrow and hope and loss
and desire: the sound of walking”
as if the fairies visit me to sleep.

note: The poem’s title is a quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The other quotations are from the book, Walking With Abel, Journeys with Nomads of the African Savannah, by Anna Badkhen

Celebration: It’s the Sixth Year Anniversary of Collage of Life.


A Ylang-Ylang flower for you.

note: photo is from:

I don’t know if ylang-ylang grows in Vietnam.