The Great Antiphons – Seven Last Days of Advent

Spend time with the Lord. Begin with these seven last days of advent.

The Hill

Christmas is approaching!  Anyone foolhardy enough to attempt to steam their way through Chermside or Stafford City in the last week or so would know this.   In the hurry and panic of purchasing gifts, in the anxiety and apprehension that can be attached to preparing Christmas celebrations for relatives and friends, in the mere longing for the festivities to come to rest, for the tinsel to be packed away in the shed and for the decorations and tree to be stacked away somewhere you will (hopefully) remember for next year.     At Bondi Junction yesterday, I was in Westfield (what was I thinking?!!) and walked past Santa’s dais – it was vacant as Santa was off on his union-sanctioned lunch break – a neat, little sign was placed on his chair and in nice, snowcapped, letters it read “Please don’t climb up on the throne.”   This reminded me of the Great…

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