During my walk
when one foot touches the earth
am I honoring someone or something?
The bones buried under the land?
Or the sustenance that rises up the roots
Or the stories heard by the tress told
by storms and musical wind?

I’m resting on a bench, listening
to the music around me, movements
like breaking twigs and leaves scattering
an older lady passes by, we exchange greetings
and talk about the 100 vines of newly planted cabernet,
surrounded by special grain of sand,
on the bend of the walkway.in front of us.

We walk along the path everyday and only
now we do meet. A casual conversation,
tidbits of solace during solitary walks.
They add like intertwining yarn
in beauty and strength.

After a while we say so long
resume our ordinary time.


photo: from m mobile phone.

New stories

It’s 5 below zero
I do not expect you to stay
Jazz is playing
where are the warm places you ask
I smile
The fireplace is roaring
We are talking of former travels
The wine will come to add warmth
You remember that you once loved me
And forgiven me
The summit has changed
Artists may like the different landscape
We send each other new stories
and celebrate the day of our breakup.

A day like today

The day is mildly cloudy with a cool breeze.
I climb the bridge that arches over the river
I stop once, before the crest, for my heart to catch up
At the Riverfront I rest on a bench for sips of water
Lunch at CIA-Copia at the Oxbow Market
My return walk home, the hour is more sunny, warmer
14, 000 steps.