Her line of vision is diverted
a bird chasing a helicopter
a juxtaposition in space makes
her imagined moment real:
two lovers arriving at different places
mistaking them as their rendezvous
finding a new scenery they wander
as if they are together
playing separate strings.

note: photo taken by Mrs. Abstract at Joshua Tree National Park.

First Things


Extend a rope
climb the obstacle

First thought to start a hundred

Ant rests on a pebble

A runner sits on a boulder

Sheep grazing

Fisherman and trout meditate the river
waiting for enlightenment

A grain of sand
in the mind of the universe

My soul inside the spirit of God
who feels my presence

Green, blue
a pool in the middle of a forest

I edge myself to solitude
emptying myself bare

Yucca adventures in a desert
a thought to start a sentence

Cairn point a way

An ant moves
The runner resumes running

I ease my way to clarity
inch by inch by inch.