Autumn Day


My Friday walk to the river
walkers and dogs are sluggish
the tide is so slow, twigs and leaves
are hardly moving on the water
one doesn’t have to be a hippie
to change the world
few limber steps, whistle a Beatles’s tune
tomorrow I will see a friend
drive to the coast, visit an oyster farm.


note: pieces of a mango I will have for breakfast.



Her line of vision is diverted
a bird chasing a helicopter
a juxtaposition in space makes
her imagined moment real:
two lovers arriving at different places
mistaking them as their rendezvous
finding a new scenery they wander
as if they are together
playing separate strings.

note: photo taken by Mrs. Abstract at Joshua Tree National Park.

Hiking & consequences

69A28C78-2E43-420E-9681-2B2CD28EF0474ACAC8B0-32EA-4FFA-B858-AEA9E616CF797E31F62B-BFE9-4BA2-B24C-3EC51E1EF665Hiking in the mountains in Incline Village, Nevada will build your muscles including the heart and enriched your mind. Maybe even your soul. Last Saturday and Sunday we met other walkers and mountain bikers. Stones and boulders are strewn everywhere. The trail have switchbacks in some areas. There are two view points to see Lake Tahoe.

First Things


Extend a rope
climb the obstacle

First thought to start a hundred

Ant rests on a pebble

A runner sits on a boulder

Sheep grazing

Fisherman and trout meditate the river
waiting for enlightenment

A grain of sand
in the mind of the universe

My soul inside the spirit of God
who feels my presence

Green, blue
a pool in the middle of a forest

I edge myself to solitude
emptying myself bare

Yucca adventures in a desert
a thought to start a sentence

Cairn point a way

An ant moves
The runner resumes running

I ease my way to clarity
inch by inch by inch.