Lift the veil of early hours
Look at the mirror
to see what you want
You see not what you need
You have to remember the instructions
which key, which book to open
The best songs once lodged in loneliness
rising with the first light
You are not a star that fell from the sky
But a stone picked from a dry riverbed
You are experiencing difficulty of change, fragmentation
13 dishes from the blackbirds to feed the masses
the song birds are gone, problems remained
You return to the room
sit next to someone in a lotus position
hearts beat in silence.

note: I finished reading Circe by Madeline Miller. Entertaining,flowing prose.

Peripheral vision

A tree falls
My head aches

A hot air ballon rises up in the sky
A child crawls farther on the floor

The northern lights swirl and dance
A boy walks whistling a tune

Tomorrow forecast of rain
You plan to go hiking

Random thoughts that come in pairs
An elephant and giraffe stand side by side

A newborn baby and a new lullaby
You pass your driver’s test and celebrate

We join the walk for the blind
We walk holding hands

The camaraderie blossoms quickly
The fire burns feverishly

The rain lasts the whole day
They clean and paint the kayaks

Remember to write in your journal
The cicadas are gathering

Learn about the desert before you venture out
People die from ignorance.


Sometimes the wind pleads for its presence
Shadows spread over the landscape
The trees quiver, windows stutter
The preparation:stacking of wood, dusting of sweaters
Gradual appearance of smile and laughter
A beginning of extended thought
Delightful affirmation of your coming
Deepening in redness like a sunset.