one can try

How can you make one day
different from the other?
When camera fails
try to remember the scene without feelings
spaces unmarked or empty
life’s continuation in uncertainty
like an “abstract friend”.

You can be touched overwhelmingly
by presence or absence
or both, together
because mystery can not be explained
or intimacy, by thinking.

The spider tries hard
to catch the light
traveling the web.


Many threads, the veins of journey
space spreads for a newborn baby
the cry as soft as her toes
fragrant smell of ripe oranges
wraps her world

arrangement of fruits in the market
the camel ride in the desert
flight of flamingoes
where will you be when you open your eyes?
intimate gestures that will startle even the birds
the sun focuses on its reflection
you avert your eyes
the ocean dyeing its waves
spreading into seven continents
your journey.

“I would like to see you again.”

“I’ll say goodbye before I leave.”
P.S. prefer written correspondence
than telephone conversation.
Attached is my pen.

Note: The quotations are from the book I’m currently reading: Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos.

I just finished a funny story: The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida

trauma of war

The Stone Cry Out by Hikaru Okuizumi

Tsuyoshi Manase,, one of the Japanese soldiers who survived during waning days of the WW 11, remembered the horrors of war. He remembered the dimly lit cave where they hid and the massacre of his fellow soldiers, who were dying from starvation and could not fight anymore. He remembered the commanding officer, the captain with a shiny sword, whom he respected and feared, how gently he touched the side of their necks to end their lives.He remembered his fellow soldier, a lance corporal, who gave him a stone and told him,“Even the most ordinary pebble has the history of this heavenly body we call the earth written on it,” and continued to give a lecture on geology while he was dying.

The trauma of war permeated his life in a very subtle way.After the war, as if to honor the corporal, Manase, started collecting stones which turned into an obsession, became a respected geologist and but isolated him from his family.

Then tragedy struck. His older son, who became interested in stones was murdered in the nearby quarry where he went to look for stones for his collection. His wife blamed him for their son’s death and broke apart his family.His other son joined the rebel students revolting against the university and the government.
The scene at the dimly lit cave came roaring back in his memory as if events were happening again. He remembered the stone and corporal begging to give him one more day, the captain with his sword ordering Manase: “kill him”.

The stones in the cave cried out. The novel, a psychological study, is 138 pages long.